29. juni 2012

Colors of the wind...! and NO it's not Pocahontas.

After some bumpy days, I'm back to me again. It's nice! My little black notebook has been my faithful companion, when I needed to give my self space. At times I feel very rootless, and as I has mentioned before I'm having difficulties finding home - a place to belong. I like my apartment, and it feels more like home than what I shared with my x, but I don't feel settled or resident. 

I still have so many dreams and desires I would like to do before I settle down, it's like I'm awake for the first time in years discovering what I use to dream about, what my hopes for my future were. Now I just got to figure out a way to put them into practise. 

I went out with my camera here the other day, which always makes me happy. Here's the outcome: I still got a lot to learn do before it feels super good, but here's the outcome. 

The sunset weren't what we had hopped. Did hope for more colours, I'll probably get a chance to catch one. 

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